Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Meetings

Online meetings have many advantages, especially in an increasingly virtual world. These meetings can be time-saving for all those involved. Participants can attend the meeting without leaving their desks or go to the grocery store. They don’t have to print documents or connect to an audiovisual system or pack up. They can also choose to mute themselves during the meeting in case they need to take a break or check their email.

Another advantage of online meetings is that they tend to be more punctual than in-person meetings. It could be because participants don’t have be concerned about hurrying to the bathroom or ensuring they’re dressed appropriately before calling in. It could be because they have the ability to choose from a wide selection of locations that fit their needs, such as their homes, cafes or even the beach.

Additionally, online meetings help companies save money. A meeting held in person requires the business to pay for a space and refreshments, which is not necessarily the case when meetings are held online.

There are however some disadvantages of online meetings that aren’t to be ignored. It isn’t easy to grab people’s attention in a meeting when they are unable to see each other’s faces. This could result in people checking their emails or social media during meetings, which is not conducive to a productive meeting. Meetings on the internet don’t provide the same level of communication, because people aren’t able interpret body language or non-verbal signals during a meeting.

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