How to Keep Online Board Meetings Running Smoothly

Online board meetings provide greater flexibility and convenience than meetings in person. By reducing the costs of travel and scheduling conflicts, they can reduce time and money. They also allow for a wider range of board members to be involved to avoid the negative effects of blind spots and groupthink decision making. However the virtual meetings may be challenging to run efficiently. Board members could be bored or may not have the tools needed to participate effectively. Some of the most common issues that could affect the effectiveness of a meeting include poor audio and video, faulty Internet connectivity and distracting sound.

Discussions must be kept moving

People are more likely to disconnect from a remote gathering than they would be in an actual face-to-face setting. They may be tempted to check their email or receive a phone call from their child. The meeting may also become consumed by a lengthy discussion or someone might forget to raise their hands to ask an exact question.

A clear set of guidelines for participation is essential in preventing these issues. Board members can help each other by encouraging collaboration throughout the discussion and asking for feedback frequently and creating opportunities for members to speak. It’s also crucial to establish an agenda that is clear prior to the meeting and make sure the right technology is available.

While preparing for the meeting, you should test your video connection as well as other equipment. Also, encourage your board members to do the same. This is especially crucial if you have participants from different states or regions who might be attending the meeting remotely.

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