How to Open a Board Meeting

what do you say to open a board meeting

In the opening of a board meeting the chair of the meeting notes that the board has gathered to discuss its business. This simple declaration demonstrates that the meeting has been declared to be official and permits the chair to begin addressing agenda items in a timely fashion.

The chair of the board will ensure that there is a quorum in the board prior to discussing any agenda item. This is done by calling the names of all attendees and making sure that the board has enough members to conduct its official business.

Getting distracted by new discussion topics can take up time and distract you from the most important issues. This can be averted by establishing a “parking area” at the end your board agenda, where members agree to discuss random topics at a later date. Make sure you keep your promise to return to the parking area to determine whether the subject should be further researched or added to the agenda or delegated.

Once the board has established the quorum, they must begin to discuss any reports from committees that were sent prior to the meeting. The board should then discuss the reports and decide what to do next. This may include voting on a resolution, or simply asking members to make a position on a specific issue. Be sure to include all discussions and actions in the board’s minute. The minutes maker at Boardable ensures that the minutes of your board’s meetings are organized thoroughly, accurate, and easy to understand by all attendees as well as people who weren’t there.

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